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School Clubs

At Squirrels Heath Junior School we believe in developing an extended curriculum outside of the classroom. In addition to the tuition we offer, we also have many different clubs the children can join.


We aim to provide a rich variety of clubs so that children can take part in activities they may otherwise not have access to outside school. Our clubs also broaden the children's horizons and encourage them to consider interests they might not have otherwise thought of.


As much as possible, we timetable clubs so that children do not need to choose between an enrichment club and tuition / homework club as we believe both are vital to a child’s development.


After School Sports and Enrichment Clubs


Clubs are amended either termly or half termly to ensure as many children have the opportunity to access a variety of opportunities. Emails will be sent out to parents to inform them of new clubs, with time given for parents to request a place.


In the interest of fairness, our clubs are not offered on first come, first served basis. After the closing date for request to join, staff offer priority to children who have yet to receive a place in a club. Spare places can then be allocated out to those who have already been involved in a club.


The clubs run during term time only, and the exact dates will be listed on the confirmation letter you receive once your child is allocated a place.


Summer Term 2024 List of Clubs:

Day Club Year Group Start Date Finish Time End Date
Monday Homework 5 04/03/2024 4.20pm 15/07/2024
Monday Homework 6 04/03/2024 4.20pm 15/07/2024
Monday Multisports 3 & 4 15/04/2024 4.20pm 15/07/2024
Tuesday Arts & Crafts 3 & 4 16/04/2024 4.20pm 16/07/2024
Tuesday Games & Lego 3 & 4 16/04/2024 4.20pm 16/07/2024
Tuesday Football 3, 4, 5 & 6 16/04/2024 4.20pm 16/07/2024
Wednesday Athletics 3, 4, 5 & 6 01/05/2024 4.20pm 17/07/2024
Wednesday Cooking 5 & 6 17/04/2024 4.20pm 17/07/2024
Wednesday STEM 5 & 6 17/04/2024 4.20pm 17/07/2024
Thursday Netball 5 & 6 18/04/2024 4.20pm 18/07/2024
Thursday French 5 & 6 18/04/2024 4.15pm 11/07/2024
Thursday Gardening 3, 4, 5 & 6 18/04/2024 4.20pm 18/07/2024
Friday Dodgeball 5 & 6 19/04/2024 4.20pm 19/07/2024
Friday Homework 3 01/03/2024 4.20pm 12/07/2024
Friday Homework 4 01/03/2024 4.20pm 12/07/2024

Half Term is Friday 24th May until Friday 31st May. There will be no clubs during this week.