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Maths Workshops at Squirrels Heath


At Squirrels Heath, we offer a selection of workshops to help parents better understanding what their children are learning. For Maths, we organise a variety of workshops, linked to class visits. This supports parent to see learning in action.


We offer workshops on:

  • Learning calculation methods, particularly less familiar methods for parents / carers
  • Expectations for each year group, and how to help children meet their targets
  • How to support children with key aspects of Maths; such as Number, Fractions, Shape and Measures
  • Using resources to learn key aspects of Mathematics
  • How online learning helps children through Sumdog and Times Tables Rockstars


Each year, we adapt our workshops to cater for the needs of parents/ carers, and we value feedback to help us plan further. If you have any ideas or suggestions for workshops you feel would benefit parents, please contact the school office.


Literacy Workshops at Squirrels Heath


Throughout the school year, there are several Workshops made available for parents to attend.

SATS Meeting/Workshop – This allows staff to inform Year 6 parents on the SAT’s tests that held in May each year. The parents have the opportunity to see the types of questions that their child will come across and how the tests are administered. There is also an opportunity for parents to ask questions and for teachers to advise on the best way to ensure the child is fully prepared.

Reading Workshops – These are split into year groups and they allow parents the opportunity to see how reading is taught in school and the opportunities the child receives to improve and progress in reading. Parents can also experience a reading lesson being taught by the class teacher and to then work alongside their child on a range of tasks focusing on improving fluency and comprehension.

SPAG Workshop -  A workshop is held, during the school year, to give parents the opportunity to understand how grammar and spelling is taught across the school. It breaks down the different areas taught, within each year group, and gives some guidance on understanding the different grammar terms. There are also many resources made available to help parents with their child’s work, at home.

Please click on the link to view the 'Tips for Reading at Home' video