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Homework at Squirrels Heath Junior School

At Squirrels Heath, we provide a selection of homework activities throughout the year that reinforce key mathematical concepts in addition to supporting ongoing focus targets in reading and writing.

Each week, children receive 3 pieces of homework:

  • Maths homework
  • Reading Comprehension OR Grammar/Punctuation homework
  • A list of spellings to learn off by heart

We recognise that pupils complete their homework at different times and on different days, and so we enable children to complete their work either over the weekend or on particular weekdays to keep their weekend free. We also offer a homework club to provide additional support where possible.

Homework is given out each Friday, and must be completed by the following Wednesday by 8pm. 

All homework should be submitted on Google Classroom. Homework is “print-free” which means children can work directly off the screen. Children can complete their work using online documents (google docs or google slides for example). Children can also complete their homework onto paper, and upload a photo of the completed work.

 If you have any queries or questions regarding your child’s homework, please contact your Child's class teacher.

Reading Homework

The school has an expectation that all children read at home at least three times a week. Parents must then sign the child’s Homework Diary and this is also then recorded in school.

All children who read 3 or more times will be entered into a class raffle to win a book from the vending machine!

Children are also invited to complete our optional Treasure Book challenge and/or participate in our online book club to read a selection of books and review them on paper or by creating their own vlogs and posting them onto the Book Club classroom.

Maths Homework

We provide a selection of homework activities throughout the year that reinforce key mathematical concepts:

  • A math activity to consolidate learning for that week is to be submitted on Google Classroom.
  • Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS) online activity.

English Homework

We provide a selection of homework activities throughout the year that support reading and writing. One of the following activities will be given each week, and these activities are alternated:

  • Complete a sheet of grammar work
  • Complete a comprehension by reading a given text and answering up to 10 questions
  • Complete a research project linked to learning in any curriculum subject
  • Complete a task on

Spellings Homework

We follow the RWI (Oxford Owl) spellings scheme and each fortnight, children are given 10 spellings to learn across two weeks, which are tested on each Friday. Teachers complete activities in class to support children’s learning of these spellings, and children are expected to continue to learn them by heart at home.

Children who learn the spellings within the first week must then learn the challenge spellings which will be linked to specific topic-based academic vocabulary, or linked to common exception words for the relevant year group.

Children who attend phonics tuition will be given spellings linked to their phonics focus of the week.

Additional Homework

Some children choose to complete additional homework, and are always welcome to complete extra work or projects.

At different times during the year, teachers may post additional, optional activities (such as contests and competitions) on google classroom for children to complete. These activities are optional, and should only be completed in addition to core homework, not in lieu of core homework.