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November Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers,

Immersive Room

We are delighted to announce that our Immersive Room is now up and running. This is an amazing resource which will not only enhance our curriculum but also bring learning to life! It offers interactive learning experiences, introducing the children to new vocabulary and new experiences in a fun and engaging way. Like the biodome and the book vending machine, the immersive room sets us apart from other schools in Havering as we continue to offer unique learning experiences to our pupils. Please visit our Facebook page, Squirrels Heath Junior School – Havering, to view examples of the different lessons and experiences available.

Non Uniform Day - Thursday 8th December


On Thursday 8th December, we are inviting children to come to school in non-uniform. In return we are asking for donations of chocolates. This could be a single bar of chocolate or a box of chocolates (e.g. a box of Roses or Quality Street). As we have children in school with severe nut allergies please ensure all chocolate is in sealed packaging or individually wrapped. We will be using all the donations for our Chocolate Tombola Stall at our Christmas Fayre on Friday 16th December.

Christmas Bazaar – Friday 16th December

On Friday 16th December is our Christmas Bazaar day. This event will be held during the school day, as it was last year. Each year group will be responsible for an enterprise activity where they make items to sell at the Bazaar. Classes will visit the Bazaar at a designated point in the day where children will have the opportunity to play games, win prizes or buy items from the stalls in the school hall. This is always a fun event for the children as well as a fund raising opportunity for the school. Money raised from the Bazaar will go towards a local artist visit and workshops later in the school year.

Bruno, our therapy dog

Bruno has been visiting our school every Thursday morning this half term to meet with designated pupils for a variety of different reasons. These include emotional support for pupils who suffer from anxiety or who have suffered bereavement as well as pupils who lack self-esteem. Research has shown that children benefit greatly from the affection of animals which can be very supportive to children’s mental health and well-being. If you think your child would benefit from sessions with Bruno, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate all requests.

Parents’ Evening and Data Collection Sheets

It was lovely to see so many of you at Parents’ Evening earlier this month – thank you for giving up your time to meet with staff. Many of you commented on how nice it was to be able to come into school again, see your child’s work and meet face-to-face with your child’s class teacher, we enjoyed it just as much!

I wanted to say a special thank you to some of our Year 6 pupils who helped out both evenings, welcoming parents and escorting them around the school. They were courteous and polite and represented the school extremely well – we are very proud of you!

At Parents’ Evening you should have been given your data collection sheet to check that we have all your correct details on our system. If you were not able to attend Parents’ Evening and have not yet been given your form by your child’s class teacher, could you please call into the school office to collect it. Please ensure all forms are returned to the school office as soon as possible.

Parent Workshops

We have offered a number of parent workshops this term which have included topics such as English, Maths, Mental Health and Emotional Support. These have been very well attended by parents and we have received lots of positive feedback.

As always, we look for ways to further support you and your children. If there are any workshops that you would like us to offer in the new year, please do let us know.

Netball Tournament 


Our netball team participated in a fantastic tournament on Thursday 3rd November. Please read below for Mr Leslie’s post-match analysis.


Squirrels vs Drapers Pyrgo (3-1)

After a nervous start, Squirrels took the lead and never looked back, showing excellent passing and creating chances to score.  A strong defence ensured a victory.


Squirrels vs Gidea Park Prep (3-1)

Having dispelled their nerves in the first game, the team came out flyin,g taking a two-point lead in the first few minutes.  Gidea park fought back at the end of the first half and were able to score a point before the end of the first half.  Squirrels were able to score another point just before the end of the game to finish 3-1.


Squirrels vs Elm Park ( 4-5 )

By far the most difficult team in the tournament, as Elm Park is a hub where borough netball stars are created. Squirrels started off strong and took a two-point lead in the first half, through some excellent ball work from the amazing group.  Elm Park were then able to fight back and get a point before the end of the first half. Squirrels came out very strong in the second half and got two more, however, Elm Park were able to get three quick points to get back level. With the final shot of the game, Elm Park were able to snatch victory from us leaving the group devastated. 


Squirrels vs Harold Court (5-1)

After the Elm Park game, Squirrels came back fighting. They took the lead and were able to get to a 3-0 lead at the end of the half. Squirrels continued with their excellent play and were able to score two more. Harold Court battled hard and they were rewarded with a consolation point to finish off the game.


Over the past few weeks, our players have worked incredibly hard at Netball club and it really showed in the tournament.  We are so proud of their hard work, resilience and passion during the games.  A fantastic result and a brilliant tournament!



Football Tournament


On Tuesday 8th November, the girls’ and boys’ football teams took part in their first tournament. Below is a message from Mrs Chestnutt who attended the tournament with the children.


Despite the awful, soggy conditions, everyone did a fantastic job.  Both teams defended well, pushed forwards and were incredibly driven to succeed.  Sadly, we had a few losses but the girls won one game 1-0 against Pyrgo Priory school.


Well done to everyone who took part and represented the school. Once again, your behaviour, attitude and effort really stood out. We look forward to taking part in the next tournament.


A huge thanks to Mr Fairey who coached the team on the day, offering fantastic tips!



I hope to see you at our upcoming Carol singing events in December.